Brenda - Mommy Makeover



Brenda’s makeover included breast implants, liposuction, and plumping her buttocks and cheeks.

“I was unbelievably impressed,” she said about her results. “I can see it in my clothes, I can see it in everything I wear. If you can get that hourglass back into the body, your clothes look great.”

Brenda had been a size two most of her life and had a hard time handling her shape. She weighed around 110 pounds most of her life and noted that she was not satisfied.

“For me, [it was] the waist,” she said. “My husband- the boobs and the butt.”

She said it didn’t matter how much exercise she did, or ate, even if it was high protein food.

“I got fat,” she said. “I got a tire and I had never been heavy in the waist and that bothered me.”

But, after receiving help from Dr. Sheinbaum, Brenda noted a difference.

“Yeah, I’m pretty happy,” she said.