We have all been there: working out, dieting, and doing everything we can to achieve our dream body. Unfortunately, traditional weight loss methods may leave us disappointed with persistent pockets of fat, excess skin, and an unproportioned figure. Thankfully, plastic surgery methods in Brandon, FL, make it easier than ever to achieve your ideal body goals!

Although all cosmetic procedures should not be considered as a weight loss treatment, some procedures further advance your body contours. Specifically, a combination of liposuction and a tummy tuck near Lakeland, FL, can dramatically improve your silhouette.

In the past, the two were considered separate procedures meant to be performed at different times. This was problematic for patients that had excess fat removed from liposuction, but then suffered from excess, hanging skin that did not retract to their smaller body size. Conversely, a tummy tuck can address excess skin, but carries limitations when removing unwanted fat. However, these results are still a step below perfecting the individual’s figure.

Sculpting the Body’s Silhouette

To achieve the exact body goals, it is important to address the areas that trouble you the most. Dr. Shienbaum at Brandon Plastic Surgery will listen to your goals and discuss ways that will achieve realistic goals. He can also discuss further operations that could help boost your self-esteem, including a Brazilian butt lift that takes purified liposuctioned fat to volumize and reshape the buttocks. Additionally, addressing the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks results in that hourglass shape many women desire. The most important thing to remember is that surgeons can incorporate more predictable fat grafts with the tummy tuck and liposuction combination for a truly sculpted and advanced reshaping of the body.

With the amazing advancements in technology and methods, the influence on plastic surgery results still shock most patients. It’s necessary to discuss your questions and concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon before your procedure to ensure optimal results.