Cankle Reduction

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Cankle Reduction

Individuals frequently complain that they have embarrassingly thick ankles and calves. Localized excess fat deposits cause the ankle and calve to lose their normal muscular definition and natural contours. The inherent smooth and graceful transition from the ankle to the calf is lost and the two become indistinguishable.

This affects both men and women and causes many patients to be self-conscious and concerned about the appearance of their legs. Sometimes even with the most rigorous of dietary and exercise regimens this appearance persists.

The non-medical slang term “cankle” blends “calf” and “ankle” into a single word. It refers to the thickened portion of the leg where the calf joins the ankle. With this condition the calves will often appear to overhang the ankles, creating an awkward and troublesome appearance.

What Causes Cankles?

Cankles can be cause by a variety of reasons including genetic predisposition. This may include a localized deposit of excess fat or the lack of well-defined calve musculature. Another cause is abnormal fluid retention due to an underlying medical condition. Pregnancy will also cause a temporary swelling of the ankles.


Dr. Shienbaum and his staff are amazing and so caring! I was so pleased with my results and how quickly I felt back to normal! Would recommend to anyone!”

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Cankle Reduction Surgery

At Brandon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shienbaum has developed particular expertise in the techniques of cankle reduction surgery. It is a safe and effective procedure with minimal discomfort, quick recovery, and long-lasting results. Our patients are more confident in displaying their legs in public and admiring their new athletic look.

With specially designed instrumentation we will carefully extract the excess fat from around the ankle, foot and lower leg, creating a slenderer and shapelier look. Patients notice a slimmer, lighter, more sculpted ankle appearance that blends and compliments the entire lower body silhouette.

In addition to slenderizing the ankles we carefully sculpt the calves to define the underlying musculature. Each line and curve of the calve is meticulously revealed until the naturally contoured and defined look is achieved. The result is a more flattering, fit, and sexier appearance.

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Recovering from Cankle Reduction Surgery

Typically, you should allow several weeks for recovery. Compression stockings should be worn to limit any swelling or bruising. Pain and discomfort should be minimal, but you should resume your normal activities slowly and with care to avoid any trauma or injury to the area.


What is the Cost of a Cankle Reduction?

The fee for cankle reduction surgery is between three and eight thousand dollars, depending upon the severity of the procedure.

Are the results of cankle reduction permanent?

Once the offending fat of the ankle and lower calf are removed it will normally not recur. However, gaining excessive weight after surgery may result in additional fat deposits forming in the area. It is therefore important to maintain your normal weight and a healthy lifestyle.

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