As we see every year, plastic surgery trends come and go, like popular facelifts in the 80s and large breast implants in the 90s. However, there are some trends that are more shocking than most, and according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), couples surgery is one of surprising trend. Plastic surgeons, including Dr. Marvin Shienbaum in Brandon, Florida, see an increasing number of couples receiving plastic surgery as a bonding experience. It may be much more expensive than a dinner date, but this trend continues to grow.

The Couple’s Decision

Although most couples have their personally idea of what is considered beautiful, couples do have similar goals and concerns. Many individuals who desire plastic surgery say they wish to be slimmer or look younger. For women, lip augmentation and breast augmentations in Lakeland, Florida, may differ from men’s concerns of dull skin and stomach pooch. However, their choice of slimming and becoming younger is a joint decision.

Couples plastic surgery can also be convenient. You both will take the same time off of work and recover together, which can be helpful and even entertaining! Having your companion with you during recovery helps the process go by faster.

“My Wife will Look Better than Me”

Although plastic surgery is dominated by female presence, men’s plastic surgery is growing at a significant rate. This may be due to wives undergoing plastic surgery, and men feeling more acclimated and comfortable with the idea of rejuvenation. Men generally sit through consultations, 3D imaging, and the results with their wives. And if the wife’s experience was positive, there’s a higher chance the husband’s anxieties of surgery will be forgotten.

In some cases, men in Riverview, FL, even receive couples plastic surgery to keep up with their wives. While she preserves her younger look, the man doesn’t want to age further or faster than her. Couples want to feel youthful, revitalized and energetic together.