If you are considering plastic surgery, your main goal is to have a successful outcome. You are looking for ways that you can improve your appearance. You may be focusing on a facial feature, a breast enhancement, a boost for your buttocks, or want to trim off excess fat. A lift could be the solution for you to make a part of your body look more youthful, perkier, or more toned. Regardless of your goals, Dr. Shienbaum and the Brandon Plastic Surgery team can assist you in taking a minimally invasive approach that will result in less scarring and discomfort for you. You will also be faster on the road to recovery and a time when you can enjoy your results.

How Can You Benefit from Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Thanks to innovations in surgical techniques, our surgical team will make every effort to ensure your procedure will mean as little trauma as possible. You can expect:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Fewer incisions
  • Use of small surgical tools that have more precision
  • Advanced robotic technology and use of cameras

When it is not necessary to have an extensive incision, you’ll experience less trauma to your tissues, minimal bruising, and more controlled blood loss. Consider all your alternatives when you are searching for ways to enhance your body.

What Procedures are Minimally-Invasive?

Our practice wants to work with you to give you results that will make you happy. We will also use all of the latest in technology to make your surgical procedure have minimal impact on you. While minimally invasive options are very effective and can suit a range of cosmetic concerns, larger changes may still require surgery. Dr. Shienbaum will outline all of your options during a consultation appointment.

At Brandon Plastic Surgery, you can take advantage of a wide range of procedures, including:

How Do Minimally Invasive Procedures Work?

There are several technologies available to complete minimally invasive procedures. Our surgical team may use radiofrequency energy which is administered through extremely small incisions. Other types of energy, such as ultrasound or laser technology, can also be used, and in many cases administered above the skin with no incisions required. Finally, some procedures can be completed through the use of injectable products, such as Radiesse, Sculptra, Botox, or Juvederm.

Overall, minimally invasive procedures minimize damage to the targeted area and surrounding tissues. You’ll also benefit from less blood loss. Minimally invasive techniques have a much shorter recovery time compared to large, open incisions.

Discuss Your Goals with Our Surgical Team to Discover the Best Options for You

Our staff at Brandon Plastic Surgery can offer you a host of procedures that can help you to concentrate on any area of concern. If you are looking for drastic results, your surgery may be more involved. Minimally invasive techniques take a gentler approach with more subtle results. Express your wishes to our knowledgeable professionals. We’ll determine if you are a candidate for any type of plastic surgery, whether it is minimally invasive or not. Your satisfaction is our priority.