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What is Liposuction for Men?

Liposuction for men helps men to sculpt their body and eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from various areas. The ideal male body is trim and toned. Liposuction can be used almost anywhere on the body to provide men with more masculine contours. Liposuction can be done on the buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, chest, back, arms, and more. If you have other concerns, such as gynecomastia, liposuction can be combined with other procedures to get optimal results.

Am I a Candidate for Male Liposuction?

Men who have stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise can benefit from male liposuction. To be an ideal candidate you should have good skin elasticity, be in good health, and be a non-smoker. Having good skin elasticity is important so that your skin can contour to your new profile, liposuction cannot tighten skin. To know if you will benefit from this, make a consultation appointment with Dr. Shienbaum.


Dr. Shienbaum and his staff are amazing and so caring! I was so pleased with my results and how quickly I felt back to normal! Would recommend to anyone!”

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What Are the Risks Associated with Liposuction?

There are certain medical conditions that can put you at an increased risk for liposuction complications. These are diabetes, heart disease, lung compromise, and poor blood circulation. If you have an illness it is important that you speak with your primary care physician to get cleared for liposuction. Men need to be evaluated prior to their liposuction procedure. During a consultation with Dr. Shienbaum, he will be made fully aware of your medical history and any current conditions to know if you are a good candidate for liposuction.

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What Can I Expect from My Procedure?

Men who opt for liposuction can expect to get their sculpted, masculine contours. Dr. Shienbaum prefers to use the VASER liposculpture technique. This is an advanced liposuction technique that helps Dr. Shienbaum to contour and etches muscular definition. With VASER liposuction, the fat cells are liquefied from ultrasonic energy, making it easier to remove the fat. The heat from the energy helps to tighten the skin in the treatment area as well. Men will get their enhanced results with reduced swelling, bruising, and downtime.


Male Liposuction Recovery

Many of our male patients wonder what to expect during the recovery time. With Dr. Shienbaum’s advanced techniques our male patients will be back to work and their normal activities sooner than later. Typically, some patients may experience some discomfort and swelling, bruising, and inflammation around their liposuction site. You will wear a comprehension garment for the first few weeks of your recovery to help with swelling and pain. Dr. Shienbaum will let his male patients know when they can expect to return to work at a follow-up appointment.

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Are you looking for a procedure that can help you sculpt your body to the ideal male look? Liposuction can do this for you by removing stubborn fat pockets that are obstructing your contours. Men looking to get liposuction can discuss their options with Dr. Shienbaum. To make a consultation appointment with Dr. Shienbaum call the office or fill out an online form.

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