There exist many different manufacturers of the latest cosmetic medical devices, which often leads to different companies producing similar tools for use in similar procedures. One comparison patients often ask to know more about is Renuvion vs. BodyTite: both are non-surgical procedures that aim to address signs of skin laxity and wrinkles throughout the face and body, but there are key differences that mean BodyTite is the preferred treatment for your safety and best results.

What Are Renuvion and  BodyTite ?

Renuvion, AccuTite, FaceTite, and BodyTite are all minimally invasive procedures that utilize radiofrequency energy emitted through a small thin probe beneath the skin to selectively heat fat deposits and the skin. This heating produces an immediate skin tightening and fat-reducing effect while stimulating longer-term production of collagen for even better results.

These procedures can be performed on nearly any problem area throughout the body, with popular areas being the face, neck, upper arms, lower abdomen, and around the knees for smoother, tighter skin.

Difference Between Renuvion and BodyTite

Renuvion has one key difference from the simple radiofrequency probe of AccuTite: it also employs plasma to immediately coagulate (stop bleeding) during the procedure and get rid of soft tissue. AccuTite only provides thermal heating and has been approved by the FDA for use in aesthetic procedures.

Renuvion, on the other hand, is not FDA cleared or approved, and recently the FDA has issued warnings for consumers and healthcare providers against using the device in skin tightening treatments. While every invasive cosmetic procedure comes with risks of side effects, the FDA has had enough reports of serious side effects, such as second- and third-degree burns, gas buildup under the skin, bleeding, and nerve damage, to warn people of its lack of approval.

Which is Better, Renuvion or BodyTiteTite?

At Brandon Plastic surgery, we only provide AccuTite, BodyTite, and FaceTite due to their FDA approval and proven, consistent results for our patients. In many ways, this technology is safer than Renuvion, and has been more tested to show good outcomes. This is why we always recommend the AccuTite procedure when someone doesn’t want to undergo surgery but still wants to see skin tightening benefits and some elimination of isolated fat pockets.

When to Use BodyTiteTite

AccuTite and BodyTite can be performed as standalone procedures or they may be recommended in combination with another minimally invasive or extensive cosmetic surgery. The skin tightening benefits of the treatment are highly favorable after significant liposuction, to help skin contract around the area that’s been reduced in size.

Otherwise, on its own, BodyTiteTite procedures are often good for people with mild to moderate skin laxity in a given area, as well as small amounts of subdermal fat that may be contributing to an unfavorable appearance. After a consultation, Dr. Shienbaum will make a recommendation to you about what the most effective options for your ideal results will be, including with BodyTite and FaceTite.

Skin Tightening in Brandon, FL

If you’re near Tampa and want smoother, firmer skin without the downtime associated with more extensive surgery, a minimally invasive skin tightening procedure may be right for you. Learn more about why we trust   BodyTite Tite to provide safe, predictable results for our patients by calling our office or contacting us online today.