The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) recently released the procedural statistics for 2014. There have been more than twenty million plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide. The statistics show us the top five countries that have received the most plastic surgery, explaining which of the procedures helped them rank so well.

The ISAPS rankings are based on sufficient survey responses received from various plastic surgeons throughout numerous countries.

Mexico – Mexico got the 5th spot with 706,072 cosmetic procedures performed in 2014. Out of these, 4% were surgical procedures with Liposuction ranking the highest, and 3.1% were non-surgical procedures, with Botox being at the top.

South Korea – Grabbing the 4th spot, South Korea had 980,313 patients undergo cosmetic procedures in 2014. 4.6% of these were surgical procedures and Eyelid surgery was on top of the list. 5.1% non-surgical procedures were performed and again Botox was ranked number one.

Japan – At the 3rd spot, Japan had a total of 1,260,351 cosmetic procedures in 2014. 3.4% of these were surgical procedures, with Eyelid surgery being the most sought after. 8.8% non-surgical procedures show, that Hair Removal was the most preferred.

Brazil – Brazil is in the 2nd spot on the list with a total of 2,058,505 procedures in 2014. Out of these patients, 13.9% had opted for surgical procedures and Liposuction was the top choice. 6.8% of the patients had undergone non-surgical procedures and Botox was the most common treatment.

United States – The United States was in the top spot with 4,064,571 cosmetic procedures performed in 2014.13.9% of these procedures were surgical and Breast Augmentation was the most performed. Non-invasive procedures were at 24.4% with Botox being the most sought after procedure.

For the past few years now, breast augmentation has remained the most popular surgical procedure in the US. Increasingly more patients in cities like Lakeland, Brandon, Tampa, and Riverview are seeking a plastic surgeon to help them with breast enhancement. Every year there is a noticeable increase in the number of people seeking youthful body contours and this trend will only grow in 2015 as well.