With time, comes change in trends. The trend for millennials is not necessarily finding the perfect bra that is comfortable and easily wearable throughout the day. Millennials are staying away from the push-up bras and padding, leaning towards a more natural appearance with bralettes or no bra at all! When it comes to cosmetic surgery in Brandon, FL, we’ve been seeing a trend of “less is more,” and that may be true with our next generation of breast augmentation candidates.

Trending: The All-Natural Look

The bralette is becoming increasingly popular among young women who don’t desire the fuller, push-up that was once loved. Along with sports bras, women feel more natural and less constricted. With this trend, medical experts are beginning to see that the bralette trend is affecting breast augmentation surgery, making patients rethink their ideal breast size and shape.

Although it is unclear which trend came first, the bralette or the smaller, more natural breast augmentation, we do understand that women want a more natural enhancement of their breasts. It may even lead to the conversation that “natural is the new sexy.” But what exactly is natural when it comes to breast augmentation in Tampa?

“Natural” Definition Regarding Enhancement

As stated several times before, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to cosmetic procedures, especially breast augmentation. Just like trying on bras, breast enhancement in Riverview comes with many options, and a woman needs a board-certified plastic surgeon’s help to determine the right shape and size to achieve their ideal breasts.

A natural appearance isn’t always achieved by just a natural breast augmentation with fat transfer. It may be as simple as finding a breast implant that doesn’t exaggerate the natural anatomical beauty of a woman’s body. A common choice that make women unhappy with their breast augmentation is selecting an implant that is too large compared to the rest of their body.

With the correct help, information, and proper consultation with an expert in breast augmentation, it may help eliminate the unwanted “unnatural” look, while achieving a more impressive, natural enhancement.

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