Similar to all fields in healthcare and medicine, plastic surgery is a continuously evolving field. Even though these emerging technologies open up new possibilities in cosmetic procedures, it also creates a change in demand for the type of procedure performed. For a current example, plastic surgeons are seeing a trend towards non-surgical rejuvenation for preventative aging measures.

So what will plastic surgery in Brandon, Florida, look like in the future? That isn’t an easy question to answer, since we don’t have time-traveling technology, but we can get an idea of the future by looking at current scientific research scientists are indulging right now.

Gradual Effects of Aging

Today in Lakeland, FL, people are living much longer compared to any time in history. With anti-aging creams, supplements and plastic surgery, modern technology has already provided ways for people to prolong their younger appearance. However, scientists want to take this a step further, by stopping the aging process. This idea may be achieved either through manipulating our genetics or by slowing down the things that cause our bodies to look older.

Electrical Implants

Scientists are currently researching and developing a number of methods to restore movement for individuals suffering from paralysis. The thought is to create tiny devices that are implanted through the body, which relay electrical impulses, providing the capability of nerve signals being passed between the paralyzed limbs and brain.

Tissue Manufacturing

Surgeons mostly rely on donors for organs and tissues to patients in need. However, this may change in the future. Plastic surgeons in the future may be able to create or engineer personalized body parts, made and grown in a research lab, and grafted onto the patient in need without the need of anesthesia.

The Beautiful Future

Specifically for plastic surgery near Riverview, FL, the future is obscure. Although people will always desire a youthful look, the definition of beauty is always changing. For example, a decade ago, plastic surgeons would have never predicted the skyrocket in buttock augmentation, including Brazilian Butt Lift and buttock implants.

So what’s in store for the future? No one really knows. However, what we are sure of is that new innovations and technologies will continue to improve in ways we can’t fathom today.