Virtual Online Consultation

Virtual Consultation

Now available at Brandon Plastic Surgery: a confidential consultation all from the privacy of your home. For your convenience, we offer virtual evaluations without the need to travel to the Tampa Bay area. We understand that your busy schedule or travel time may make it difficult to visit us in person. Many of our patients come from throughout the world, and our goal is to ensure that your consultations are as informative, educational, and convenient as possible.

You may initially contact us through our contact form below with submitted photos. We will then review your areas of interest, discuss your concerns, explore your goals and desires, and formulate an individual and specific plan of treatment. Whether you desire a new procedure, are seeking a second opinion, or wishing to revise a prior surgery you may call and speak directly to our highly informative and accommodating staff. Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information needed to make a fully informed and knowledgeable decision.

After your individualized discussion with our staff, we then ask you to fill out our Medical History and Video Consultation Forms. After those completed forms are received, we will schedule your video consultation with Dr. Shienbaum.

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Your Video Interview

After your phone call, our office will schedule a time for your virtual consultation with Dr. Shienbaum. You may then ask questions, gather specific information, and gain further insight into your personal area of concern. Dr. Shienbaum will then develop a preliminary treatment plan. For your privacy and confidentiality, our live consultations will be conducted through our HIPAA secure fully encrypted plastic surgery practice app. We will then schedule an in-office face-to-face consultation with Dr. Shienbaum where you can further discuss your options and desired treatments.

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