Plastic surgery is a changing field; for those that trends remain, new trends emerge in Brandon, FL.  In recent reports, plastic surgeons have noted two new trends among cosmetic patients. Men and women are choosing both fat removal as well as fat injection techniques.

Fat On

Plastic surgeons offer fat grafting in Lakeland Fl. , or injections for in many cosmetic procedures. Patients can opt for a fat grafting technique in augmentation procedures, facial and other body lifts. Fat tissue, taken from other areas of the body, is transplanted into shallow or deficient areas for additional volume. Although a  noted   Times author, noted liposuction will always be a common procedure, more surgeons are expecting additional procedures in fat grafting; they expect to see a new trend in the technique.

Fat Off

Plastic surgeons have also noted the trending new drug, Kythera. Kythera, as opposed to grafts or transplants, melts fat off the face. An injection is placed into the chin area. The solution addresses the appearance of double chins or sagging tissue underneath the face. Patients may soon elect fat removal in Riverview as a non-invasive option.

Facial Trends

Both fat grafting in Tampa and fat removal procedures are trending; both procedures address facial contour and appearance. Facial procedures are another trend in the field. Plastic surgeons offer fat additions, or removal, for a more desirable appearance.

As facial trends come and go in plastic surgery, plastic surgeons may offer new techniques or alternatives. The plastic surgery field may continue to change and grow with patients’ cosmetic desires. For more information about procedure trends, patients can contact Brandon Plastic Surgery. During a consultation, surgeon Dr. Shienbaum meets with patients to discuss procedures, recovery, and patient desires.