Radiofrequency treatments had a great year last year. Radiofrequency technology has come a long way and has proved to be very effective for skin tightening and tissue toning treatments. Here at Brandon plastic surgery, we are a big fan of the BodyTite procedure as a body contouring procedure. While it may seem early to get started on body contouring procedures for summer, starting now can have you looking and feeling beach ready.

What are the Benefits?

  • Controlled heat – the heat emitted from the machine remains at a controlled level that does not damage or harm the skin.
  • Targeted Treatment – Allows for treatment areas big or small, with the ability to treat high volume areas.
  • Deep treatments – BodyTite can penetrate deep into the tissue, treating areas going as deep as two inches.
  • Less downtime – Since this procedure is minimally invasive rather than surgical, the downtime is much shorter.

Why Now?

With non-surgical treatments on the rise, BodyTite is a happy medium of minimally invasive with surgery level results. Patients are left with a thinner silhouette, tighter skin without any scarring. The major benefit to having a treatment now is seeing full results in time for spring and summer. While some results are evident immediately, full results usually take three to six months to appear.

If you are interested in learning more about BodyTite treatments at Brandon Plastic Surgery, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.


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