Breast augmentation in Brandon, Florida, is a special cosmetic service for many women across the nation. However, it takes a well-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon to correct a breast enhancement that has been already performed.

Common Reasons for Breast Augmentation Revision

Although there are other reasons why women would choose to undergo a breast augmentation revision in Lakeland, FL, their reasons may be necessary or desired. Since neither silicone or saline breast implants have a lifetime guarantee, it may be as simple as exchanging an old or ruptured implant with a new one. However, there may be other medical or cosmetic complications that need to be addressed.

The most common reasons for breast revision surgery may include, but are certainly not limited to:

What is a Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture, or hardening of the breasts, is uncommon, but does occur with breast implants. This condition develops as your body’s natural reaction to the breast implant, where tissues tighten around the implant, causing discomfort and sometimes pain. While capsular contracture cannot be completely prevented, there are many steps that plastic surgeons take to prevent capsular contracture.

Undesirable Results from Breast Enhancement

Many breast enhancement revisions near the Tampa Bay area are due to unhappy patients or a poorly placed breast implant that affects the symmetry or appearance of the breasts. A malposition implant is placed in an incorrect placement or pocket that may be noticeably asymmetrical or “off.”

Additionally, it’s critical that breast enhancement has a lot of one-on-one communication about your goals. Furthermore, choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation can greatly reduce your chances of having to undergo a revision surgery. The best option is to get your remarkable results the first time. Revisions are difficult for the patient because of their apprehensive approach. But if you choose the right surgeon, with the right credentials and communication, you can get it right the first time, and while not permanent, results can last for years!


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