After an appointment at our office, patients can choose skin whitening, dental implants, or veneers for cosmetic appearance. Brandon Plastic Surgery, located near the practice, also offers cosmetic procedures. Patients can choose fat or filler injections for their facial appearance. How can injections affect smiles? Read on for smile affects:


After achieving a whiter smile, patients may desire to show it off. However, some patients may desire more emphasis around their mouth than offered by dentistry alone. Fat injections, a procedure correcting severe volume loss, can emphasize the mouth area and offer a more noticeable smile.


Patients may also desire to combine their smile for further cosmetic appeal. At Brandon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shienbaum offers dermal fillers, or injectable skin gel treatments, to minimize wrinkles and shallow areas of the face. When injected near the mouth, patients can experience a new facial appearance; alterations to the mouth and teeth can create their desired facial appearance.


Some may experience an increase in confidence after their dentist appointment. Patients can smile more easily knowing their teeth are clean, white, or straight. After fillers are applied during a cosmetic appointment, some patients report similar feelings. Patients can experience more confidence about their smile and overall facial appearance.

Brandon Plastic Surgery offers fillers including Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Botox and Sculptra. Patients interested in injections are encouraged to call ahead and learn more about skin options. During a consultation, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Shienbaum can determine if facial options can create the skin, and smile you desire.