In 2014, the month of November saw another FDA approval for breast implants by Ideal Implants. These newly approved implants are saline filled for primary augmentation and revision surgery. Then, by September of 2015, these were made available to board certified plastic surgeons in Lakeland and Brandon, Florida.

As per literature from the manufacturers, Ideal Implants differ from other FDA approved saline implants, since they have two lumens within the two shells and are attached at the patch on the back of this implant.

The inventor, Robert Hamas, MD, President and CEO of Ideal Implants says that this structured implant offers a combination of the best factors of the saline and silicone gel implants. At the same time, the undesirable features of both the kinds of implants have been eliminated with the Ideal implants.

Elaborating on this rare combination of features, he explains what you can find in Ideal Implants. Patients in the Tampa and Tampa Bay area can now get the natural feel of the silicone implants together with the safety of saline implants. With the traditional silicone implants, women always feared a silent rupture, which couldnโ€™t be detected without an MRI; now with Ideal Implants, just a look in the mirror and you will know if your implants are intact. These incidences of rupture were the biggest disadvantage of the silicone implants.

Even though the FDA had approved the silicone implants as safe, it had also recommended that patients undergo an MRI scan every two years to ensure there hadnโ€™t been a rupture. Most surgeons in Lakeland and Riverview have also been under the incorrect impression that the instances of silent rupture with the silicone implants is minimal. During FDA clinical trials, these incidences were at 10% – 24% in women who had undergone MRI scans for their primary breast augmentation.

The incidence and type of risks in the case of Ideal implants have been the same as other breast implants during clinical trials. The incidences of capsular contracture were low with these implants; both surgeon and patient satisfaction was comparatively higher with Ideal Implants.

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