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Body Sculpting Weight Loss

This unique, one-of-a-kind weight reduction program targets the loose skin and flabby appearance that often accompanies successful weight loss. Using INMODE RF & EMS energy to simultaneously shrink excess skin, tone muscle, and melt stubborn fat pockets, a more sculpted,  contoured, and sexy result is achieved.


The eight-week program incorporates EVOLVE  TREATMENTS  – TITE, TRIM & TONE – . Losing weight is a goal for countless people, but doing so through diet and exercise alone can be very difficult, especially without guidance from a professional. Through this program, patients in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, and Lakeland can successfully achieve their weight loss goals with the help of Dr. Shienbaum’s expertise


Evolve is a nonsurgical body contouring procedure that reduces fat, tightens skin, and builds muscle through a simple treatment that requires no downtime. Evolve works using radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic stimulation (EMS) to target and melt fat cells, stimulate muscle contraction, and trigger new collagen production to tighten skin. It is an excellent alternative to treatments like CoolSculpting because it offers more complete body contouring results by addressing the skin, muscle, and fat rather than one type of tissue alone.


The Evolve Treatment Procedure

During Evolve treatment, applicators are placed on the treatment area and deliver RF and EMS energy to the targeted tissues. This treatment takes about 30-60 minutes depending on your needs. You may experience a warming sensation similar to a hot stone massage. Throughout the course of eight-week weight loss program, you will receive Evolve treatment every other week for a total of four treatment sessions at our facility.  Brandon Plastic Surgery is the first to offer Evolve in the Lakeland, Brandon, and Riverview, Florida region.



Who is a Candidate?

Most people in the Tampa, Florida area who would like to lose some weight are good candidates for the Body Sculpting Weight Loss Program at Brandon Plastic Surgery. You must be ready to commit time and effort into your diet and exercise plan to meet your weight loss goals. Dr. Shienbaum will review your health history and goals for the program before determining whether you are a good candidate.


Weight Loss Advice

In addition to Evolve, the weight loss program requires a commitment to a healthy diet and exercise. Included is Brandon Plastic Surgery exclusive 31 Tips for Losing Weight.


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