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What is a Male Facelift?

A male facelift is a surgical procedure designed to address the unique concerns of men when it comes to facial aging. Men experience many of the same signs of aging as women, but their goals for their facelift procedure are usually different. The male facelift also involves special attention to where the incisions are placed, making sure not to disrupt facial hair growth. With the male facelift, Dr. Shienbaum ensures that your anatomy, concerns, and goals are kept in mind to produce a younger, but still natural-looking appearance.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Male Facelift?

Candidates for the male facelift are men who experience signs of aging in the mid-lower face such as jowls, wrinkles, folds and sagging. With the male facelift, patients can achieve a more masculine look with better-defined cheekbones and jawline. Candidates should be prepared for surgery which will require some downtime and recovery. The facelift is a great solution if you want to look years younger and dramatically improve signs of aging in one procedure. The facelift mainly addresses the mid and lower face, however, a neck lift, brow lift, or eyelid rejuvenation procedure can also be combined for optimal results. Dr. Shienbaum will meet with you to discuss the male facelift and ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.


Male Facelift Procedure

The facelift procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia for your comfort. Next, Dr. Shienbaum will make the necessary incisions. Incisions are always placed where they can be well-concealed like behind the ear or within the hairline. For women with long hair, incisions are much easier to conceal, so Dr. Shienbaum takes extra precaution during the male facelift to still hide the incisions. He will then tighten the facial tissue, smoothing out wrinkles and folds and removing any excess skin.

Male Facelift Recovery

After the male facelift procedure, you can expect some swelling, bruising, and general discomfort for 1-2 weeks. You will need to arrange for this time off work to rest and recover at home. You may also want someone there to help care for you or help with household duties while you’re recovering. Prescription pain medication from Dr. Shienbaum and the use of an ice pack can help keep you comfortable during this time. You should also keep the head elevated to reduce swelling and avoid strenuous exercise for several more weeks. Each patient’s recovery time is unique, so Dr. Shienbaum will go over yours in more detail during your consultation.


Dr. Shienbaum and his staff are amazing and so caring! I was so pleased with my results and how quickly I felt back to normal! Would recommend to anyone!”

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Male Facelift Results

After 3-4 weeks, most patients feel much more presentable and start to see improvements to their facial contour. Some lingering swelling can be present for several more months, but you can still enjoy a younger appearance with fewer wrinkles and improved sagging. Many men are worried that people will notice they had work done, however, Dr. Shienbaum is sure to create an appearance that is refreshed while still natural-looking.

Choosing Your Male Facelift Surgeon in Tampa, Florida

The first step to transforming your appearance with the male facelift is to schedule your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Those in the Tampa, FL area can trust Dr. Shienbaum with their male facelift procedure. Dr. Shienbaum is highly experienced with performing the facelift for men and will be happy to answer any questions you have. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.

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