With non-surgical treatments becoming more popular, the word “injectables” is incorrectly being used interchangeably between formulas such as Botox® and dermal fillers. Botox and fillers do not serve the same purpose in age-defying effects.

Although both are used to enhance the facial structure, each formula has a unique use, or address only certain areas of the face. In Brandon, FL, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shienbaum can keep you looking youthful and replenished for decades with the proper administration of injectables. Here are the basics you should know:

Botox® – Botulinum Toxin Type A

Fighting lines and wrinkles can be as easy as a 15-minute Botox® session. When used properly, Botox® in Lakeland is a safe, effective injectable that softens these lines for specific areas of the face. This treatment is primarily recommended for patients who notice:

  • Crow’s feet – lines on the corner of the eye with or without squinting
  • Deep creases across the forehead
  • The vertical lines between the brows, often called the “11’s” because of its appearance.

Repetitive muscle contractions cause these wrinkles and lines, also known as “animation lines.” Facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, or scowling can lead to these common signs of aging. Botox® is idea for patients 20 years or older who want to retain their younger appearance in the least invasive and quickest way possible.

Dermal Fillers – For Volume Loss

Dermal fillers, which mostly consist of hyaluronic acid, often get confused with Botox injection treatments. While Botox® halts and relaxes overworked facial muscles, fillers immediately add volume to areas of the face where it has diminished. Fillers can also be used to subtly lift sunken cheeks or for a non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job). A very popular treatment where hyaluronic acid becomes helpful is lip augmentation, adding volume and smoothing out lines to the lips and area around them.

It is very important to see a board-certified plastic surgeon or a certified injector, not just for a more impressive and natural result, but because proper injection techniques are vital to avoid complications. At Brandon Plastic Surgery near Riverview, FL, our staff with adequate training is going to understand your facial anatomy better than anyone else, while knowing the amount of filler to use for optimal results.

Either with Botox® or dermal filler treatments, you can ensure your result will be a younger looking you, without the need of invasive surgery.


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