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This is an elegant-but-simple procedure for patients who wish to reduce the excess skin and hooding around the lateral brows and eyelids. A lateral brow lift is ideal for those who have concerns about the look of their eyebrows or crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes.

Performed under local anesthesia as an in-office procedure, the results are immediately apparent. A lateral brow lift is considerably less invasive than a coronal or traditional brow lift, and therefore carries less risk of infection or other complications. Recovery time is very short.


Dr. Shienbaum and his staff are amazing and so caring! I was so pleased with my results and how quickly I felt back to normal! Would recommend to anyone!”

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The excess, redundant, hooded skin of the lateral eyebrow is tightened through a small incision in the hairline. The lateral brow lift removes excess skin, lifting the outer corners of the forehead. The lift does not consist of any muscle reconstruction, and only involves the tightening and removal of excess tissues.

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What can I expect from a Lateral Brow Lift?

At Brandon Plastic Surgery, we welcome you to a complimentary initial consultation. During this initial consultation, you will visit with our professional staff and Dr. Shienbaum will offer his evaluation and recommendations on the procedure most appropriate for you. The staff will provide you with the opportunity to view photos of previous patients so that you may better comprehend prior results. Lakeland, Brandon, and Riverview residents can learn more about a lateral brow lift surgery from Dr. Shienbaum.


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Does brow lift change eye shape?

Brow lifts can help a patient elevate their eyebrows, it does not involve the eyelid skin. A brow lift can reduce the amount of skin between a patients eyebrows and eyelashs but it does not change the shape of the eye.

Does a brow lift get rid of forehead wrinkles?

A brow lift raises the brows in order to remove the appearance of forehead wrinkles and ease frown lines, and may also improve the appearance of the upper eye.

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