When women consider a breast augmentation in the Tampa Bay area, they should also consider the size of the implants and the technique used. There are times when, due to the anatomy of the patient, results from a breast augmentation are not aesthetically favorable. The most common reason for revision breast implant surgery in the Lakeland & Brandon Florida areas is visibility of the implant and rippling. This is especially true for thin patients who have insufficient breast tissue.

A study of women undergoing a breast augmentation helped understand this need for revision; they were divided into 2 groups– 38 women who obtained simple implants and 21 who had combined implants with autologous fat injection. The fat injection was used to attenuate the presence of a medial edge of the implant noticeable in thin patients which produced a “separated breast” deformity. The study showed that this medial border of the breasts increased considerably with fat injection.

The results were related to a natural appearance and the attractiveness of the breast when the distance was small. The parasternal fat grafting offered the patients from a smooth contour along the medial breast borders, which lead to satisfied results.

The study proved that understanding the skin and its elasticity, along with anticipating the consequences of the implant on the breast.  Suitable patients will benefit from parasternal infiltration composite augmentation. This technique can also prevent further surgeries and any future procedures that may be more aggressive for a breast augmentation revision.

Brandon Plastic Surgery affords its Riverview patients several breast augmentation techniques including use in the sub-pectoral plane, the pectoral muscle, the subcutaneous plane or the retroglandular space. This study involved fat grafting in the subcutaneous plane, not with the purpose of increasing the size of the breast, but to avoid any medial deformity.

It is necessary that plastic surgeons in the Tampa FL area are well versed with the technique to understand and correctly determine the distribution of fat along the medial border and the quantity required before placement of the implant.

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