With more people concerned about their health and well-being, a new American Society of Plastic Surgery report reveals that weight loss surgeries have a strong relationship with plastic surgery touch-ups. In 2014, almost 50,000 weight loss surgery patients had plastic surgery as a final step in their weight loss journey.

After weight loss surgeries in Brandon, Florida, including bariatric surgery, patients may have an excessive amount of extra skin, which is unable to restrict back to a smaller, slimmer body size. This excess skin makes it extremely difficult to exercise or find clothes that properly fit. Although these patients should be ecstatic about the weight they loss, they seem to trade one dilemma for the next.

Near Riverview, Florida, plastic surgeons offer post-massive weight loss procedures for patients who desire a firmer, more contoured result from their weight loss. During this highly personalized procedure, the surgeon addresses problem areas, most commonly the legs, arms, and abdomen, to tighten and remove excess skin for a sleeker appearance.

Almost 10% of patients seek an upper arm lift and thigh lift, which are the most prominent and troubling areas. Common in second is the stomach and breasts, with a tummy tuck and breast lift. These procedures can address excess skin as well as contour the body to achieve the patientโ€™s body goals.

In most cases, patients believe that weight loss surgery is the solution to their obesity, when realistically, it is just one step in the weight loss journey. Many patients donโ€™t realize that plastic surgery can be their final step in that journey, resulting in a slimmer and firmer figure after surgery and recovery. Be sure to consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon to determine which body lifting techniques will benefit you the most. Take the next step and find out the long-lasting results plastic surgery has to offer!