The field of plastic surgery continues to make advancements. Surgeons improve surgical techniques, modify existing methods, and prepare new products for their patients. At Brandon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shienbaum and staff desire to keep patients informed about new breast advancements in Riverview. A newer product line, produced by Allergen, may soon be available to Florida patients. Read for more information; be in the know with new NATRELLE Inspira implants.

FDA approved

Natrelle Round Implants in Lakeland received FDA (U.S Food & Drug Administration) approval this past February. This means that patients can soon see the product offered by plastic surgeons in Brandon, Florida. (The FDA approves implants for medical safety and effectiveness).

Augmentation and Reconstruction Ready

Allergen, the company producing the Inspira implant, has stated the implant can be used in many different procedures. Patients can choose Inspira for a post-pregnancy augmentation, revision procedure, or reconstructive surgery. As an implant, Inspira is a versatile option.

Round and Smooth

As a round and smooth implant, Inspira offers Lakeland patients specific results. With an Inspira implant, patients can experience a rounder, more contoured breast appearance. The smooth texture of the implant means patients are less likely to feel the implant once placed by their surgeon.

Gel Filled Breast Implants in Tampa

The Inspira model is gel filled to create the desired volume and consistency. According to a recent release by Allergen, the implant has a โ€œhigher gel fillโ€ than other implant options. Patients can achieve more volume according to their desires. They can choose Inspira for round and smooth implants in Brandon.

At Brandon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shienbaum and staff can inform patients about new options, techniques, and modifications in the field. Patients in Tampa Bay, Riverview, and Lakeland, FL are encouraged to visit the office or call ahead for more information.