Are you considering plastic surgery in Brandon, FL? If so, Dr. Marvin Shienbaum most likely told you to not smoke at least six weeks before your procedure. Although this is a critical rule (not to mention, great for your health), it does not mean that you can substitute smoking with any other nicotine products that may seem “harmless.” When told to avoid smoking, you should also avoid nicotine gum, chewing tobacco, cigars, pipes, patches, and even the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigs.”

How does nicotine affect plastic surgery?

During a surgical procedure, plastic surgeons are moving skin and other tissues around, sometimes in significant ways. When this happens, they also change the blood supply to these tissues. These operations are pushed to the limit of what the circulation of the skin and tissues will allow. To have proper blood circulation for cells to survive, plastic surgeons need to make sure that enough blood vessels are intact, as well as making sure how much blood flows through the blood vessels is sufficient.

Several factors can affect this crucial blood flow, and the most common is nicotine and cigarette smoke. Nicotine is the most dangerous component, but with cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide and other toxins don’t help either.

Nicotine Affects Recovery Time

Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict and decrease in size, which diminishes blood flow. Additionally, nicotine may also increase your risk for blood clotting, which can further complicate and clog small capillaries and blood vessels. This restriction can result in incisions not healing and devastating complications. It also can affect your overall outcome of the surgery. It’s been reported that since the blood flow is restricted, it could lead to dying tissues or skin cells that don’t respond well to surgical procedures, leading to an unsatisfying or unappealing outcome.

So in conclusion, if you’re going to get plastic surgery, stop smoking and quit all nicotine products to achieve your best overall results!


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