Waiting for your tummy tuck procedure day should be exciting, but it’s also normal to feel anxious about your recovery afterwards. The best way to calm your nerves is to make sure you’re fully prepared. Here’s what you can do during your recovery to ensure your comfort:

Manage nausea and discomfort

Every patient will experience different degrees of discomfort and possibly nausea after their tummy tuck. However, this is easily managed. Dr. Shienbaum can prescribe you with prescription pain medication which you should pick up and have ready before your procedure day. Others manage just fine with over-the-counter pain medication. It is not uncommon to experience nausea as your anesthesia wears off and after taking pain medication. You will want to have bland foods like toast and crackers ready to help with your symptoms on the first day.

Wear your compression garment properly

Your compression garment is an important part of the tummy tuck recovery. Not only does it help ensure successful healing, but it can also ease swelling and discomfort. Be sure to wear your compression garment as often as possible for as long as instructed. You should also be aware of the position of your compression garment, ensuring that it does not shift up when sitting.

Avoid too much walking

The tummy tuck will put tension on the horizontal closure. Tightening of the abdominal muscles will create discomfort while walking upright. You should try to stay bent for some time in the first week so that you do not put any pressure over the incision. If doing this puts a strain on your back, you might consider a cane or walker to help you out. It will take the pressure away from the back.

Rest in a recliner

The best position to sleep in is with the waist bent and the legs at an incline. Many patients find the most comfort resting and sleeping in a recliner chair. You can also use body pillows to keep the legs and waist in a comfortable position while you sleep.

If you have questions about your tummy tuck, always ask Dr. Shienbaum to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful procedure and recovery process. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Shienbaum, contact our office today.