Plastic surgery has been a trending topic for decades now, especially with celebrities, Hollywood, and popular reality television shows, such as Extreme Makeover or Botched. All of us have seen pictures of men and women that have less-than-perfect, or “botched” results. However, there is a way to ensure that you will get natural-looking results that boost your self-confidence and avoid the never ending procedures of fixing a surgery.

What causes “botched” results?

Although no one wants undesirable results, a botched procedure or a procedure that leaves the patient unhappy, it could be due to many factors. There are some cases where, on the part of the surgeon, there were errors of technique or judgement. However, another complication may have occurred during the recovery process.

Get the Results You Deserve

If you have experienced a surgery that left you unsatisfied, your best chance is to contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shienbaum in Brandon, FL, who has the experience to recognize a problem, and fix them, so there’s no need for revision surgery in the future. However, the best way to avoid less-than-desirable results or to encourage your chances of a positive plastic surgery experience is to follow the three check marks.

  1. Check for Board Certification
    First and foremost, you always want to check the credentials of the surgeon you are going to meet. Even for non-surgical procedures, a board-certified plastic surgeon’s knowledge and experience increase your chances for results you will love! Being board certified, plastic surgeons have to go through a specific amount of schooling, training, and resident experience before practicing on their own. Different from others called “cosmetic surgeons.”
  2. Check for Patient Reviews
    Patient testimonials, or their reviews of the doctor, are important to see how this surgeon has interacted with other patients in the past. You may find you will have a similar experience as others.
  3. Check that You’re Ready
    Double check that you are certain you want to undergo the procedure. You should be confident about the details of the surgery, and precise instructions on what is necessary for you to properly recover.

Dr. Shienbaum near Riverview, FL, definitely agrees to check off all three things on your checklist before undergoing your procedure, surgical or non-surgical. He wants you to feel better about the way you look, and never question your investment into your beauty.