It is no secret that patients in Brandon, Florida, seek plastic surgery to boost their confidence by improving their appearance. This newly found confidence can also change other aspects of life, such as work performance, social situations, and an overall happier outlook. A new study finds that plastic surgery can even make a significant change in your sex life.

The study reviewed 70 female patients, and about 95% had an improved self-image about their body after their plastic surgery, regardless of the procedure chosen. More specifically, sexual satisfaction saw significant improvement for women who had breast augmentation, with 81% of breast augmentation patients claiming a better sex life. Other surgeries, including body contouring and facelift, also saw improvement.

With the given information, it is concluded that women who have plastic surgery near Riverview, FL, feel more sexually attractive with larger breasts or a proportioned figure. But why does plastic surgery have such a profound impact on body image? Moreover, most individuals believe that body image is a psychological issue rather than solely a physicality issue.

Some experts donโ€™t believe that all sexual dissatisfaction can be solved with plastic surgery. However, if your appearance and sexual issues donโ€™t run deeply into the psychological realm, cosmetic surgery is most likely to improve your sex life.

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