Body contouring surgeries, such as liposuction or tummy tuck, can enhance the figure of all individuals. Since we always desire to look our best, it’s not a surprise that buttock augmentation in Tampa has been experiencing massive increases in interested patients since 2015. But why is it so popular? Is it just culturally based? Let’s dig deeper:

Is Buttock Augmentation Influenced by Culture?

Although a lot of influence of buttock augmentation may have come from celebrities, like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, the number of procedures have increased not just in the United States, but worldwide. Therefore, it’s not just a cultural trend, but options for buttock augmentation, including the Brazilian butt lift in Riverview, have been taking over the world. It is thought to be one of the last areas of the body individuals can perfect.

There is something unique about this process, most importantly the additional enhancements to other body areas, such as the waist. Some plastic surgeons believe that buttock augmentation is on the rise because it is a two-in-one solution for improving the shape and size of their waist, abdomen and buttocks.

Waist and Buttock Relation

Buttock augmentation options also include buttock implants. These have been on the market, popular and not popular with trends. However, buttock implants are associated with some risks, since a significant amount of time is spent sitting. The biggest issue with buttock implants is that it doesn’t address the rest of the physique, including the waist and buttock relation stated above.

The ideal buttock augmentation technique is the Brazilian butt lift in Brandon, that doesn’t just liposuction fat from unwanted places, but that purified fat is reinjected to add shape and volume to the buttocks. The primary focus for liposuction is the waist area to fully enhance the entire beautiful figure.

These new innovations and body reshaping techniques give patients more opportunity to feel and look great about their physique! As long as you seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in buttock augmentation, you can ensure natural – shapelier results.

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