Cosmetic surgeons offer different accommodations. Patients’ concerns can be met with new and different techniques. Patients can choose between different implants, procedures, and even incisions for their procedure. Cosmetic patients concerned with the placement of implants, for example, can choose autologous fat transfer in Brandon, FL. Read on for the 3 W’s of the fat transfer option.


Patients choosing fat transfer in Lakeland usually have one thing in common: they desire an alternative to implants. Patients opting for fat transfer can experience their cosmetic procedure with a lower risk of allergic reaction; by using a patient’s own tissue, patients can limit some of the surgical risks.


A fat transfer procedure is performed by taking fat tissue from one area and transplanting it for more desired volume in another part of the body. Patients can experience volume without a plastic, saline, or silicone insert.


In Tampa Bay, cosmetic surgeons can take fat from different areas. Patients with access deposits in the thighs, buttocks, or stomach can opt for fat transfer. The fat can then be transplanted to the breast, face, or cheeks for aesthetic results. The procedure itself can be performed at Brandon Plastic Surgery’s facility. Patients can experience a procedure with Dr. Shienbaum and staff for cosmetic enhancement in Riverview.

Fat transfer is one of many procedures offered by cosmetic surgeons in the Brandon, FL area. Cosmetic surgeons can create a new shape for patients desiring a new look. For more information, patients can schedule a consultation. Dr. Shienbaum and staff can inform patients about risks, results, and fat transfer techniques. Patients in Riverview, Brandon, and Lakeland can learn more about these procedures on our website.