Breast augmentation surgery in Brandon, FL, is consistently the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world, however, all surgeries carry some risk of complication. The most common risk of breast implants is the chance of developing a capsular contracture.

Thanks to advancement in technology, methods, and post-operative steps, a board-certified plastic surgeon can bring the risk of capsular contracture to less than 2% per research, compared to 50% in the earlier days of plastic surgery.

What is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the breast implant, leading to hardening of the breasts, potentially causing painful symptoms for the patient. In simple terms, it’s your immune system’s way of letting you know that you have foreign material in your body.

After your breast augmentation, if your breast feels firm, appears abnormal or your breast feels hard and painful to the touch, you may be suffering from a capsular contracture. Make sure to visit your plastic surgeon near Riverview to get a proper diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

Causes and Treatments of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is one of the greatest risks in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The primary known cause of capsular contractures is the buildup of bacteria around the breast implant. The bacteria cause inflammation that tightens and thickens the capsule around the implant, making the breast painful or tender.

Plastic surgeons have implemented important steps to avoid capsular contractures altogether. Their main technique to avoid the complication is to reduce the amount of potential contamination during the operation, so this is not a common issue. Steps to eliminate the amount of bacteria may include limiting bleeding, covering the nipples during surgery, decreasing the dissection of breast tissue, employing an inframammary incision to insert the implant, and using antibiotic irrigation to wash out the pocket and skin contamination.

However, the most effective way to treat a capsular contracture is receiving a breast augmentation revision surgery, where the breast implants are taken out and replaced with new implants. Speaking with your surgeon, and ensuring that you are aware of the potential complication of capsular contracture, will help minimize your risk and understand steps to take if this occurs.


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