Many of us are familiar with the rhinoplasty procedure, also known as a nose job. Those who are unhappy with their nose can be self-conscious about their entire appearance since the nose typically brings harmony to the face. If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, read on for five things about the procedure you probably didn’t know.

It’s Not Just Cosmetic

Along with correcting aesthetic issues, rhinoplasty can also correct breathing issues form a deviated septum. This can help to boost both your confidence and your quality of life in one procedure!

Surgery is Typically Well-Tolerated

The rhinoplasty procedure only takes 1-2 hours to complete, and recovery is mild to moderate. Following the procedure, patients wear a small cast on their nose for up to five days. Updated surgery techniques have phased out packing, which can be uncomfortable during recovery.

It is Most Popular in the Winter

The demand for rhinoplasty typically rises in the winter months. This is because recovery is generally easier and quicker in cold water. There is also an uptick in vacation time, allowing patients to heal without taking time off of work or school.

Avoid Aspirin and Advil During Recovery

Patients should avoid these pain medications since they can lead to bleeding. Your surgeon will give you a full list of medications and vitamins to avoid before you schedule your surgery date.

Rhinoplasty Techniques May Differ due to Gender

Because male and females desire different aesthetic results, surgeons take this into account during the procedure. The slope and shape of a man’s nose are different from a woman’s, and experienced surgeons will take this into account.

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