According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation has been the most popular form of cosmetic surgery since 2006. Although it’s common, in popular culture, media still continues to gossip about the newest celebrity who may or may not have gotten a surgical enhancement.

An example from May 2016, Taylor Swift reportedly had some breast enhancement after recent photos showed a slightly larger bust. The media went crazy. However, plastic surgeons evaluating the pictures said Swift might have undergone a breast augmentation, increasing her cup size from an A to B. This kind of alteration may be due to a different type of bra, rather than plastic surgery. So why is the media’s obsession relevant when this is a common surgery? Moreover, what effects do these stories have on women?

Breast Augmentation and Acceptance

In Brandon, FL, Dr. Shienbaum meets many young women who naturally have small breasts, and are dissatisfied with their appearance, choosing to undergo a breast augmentation to resolve their self-consciousness. Women may feel pushed into their decisions to impress significant others or by the media’s portrayal of a “perfect body.”

Stories, like Swift’s, may make women with smaller breasts feel inferior or not feminine or sexy enough compared to the media’s ideal standards. However, younger actresses are now speaking out about plastic surgery, showing that women should accept their bodies, but also seek out options that are right for them, physically and emotionally.

Social Media and Body Shaming

Body shaming has become a popular topic, mostly due to social media and cyber bullies. This issue has affected many women, even in Riverview, Florida, not just being overweight, but also their personal decision about their bodies.

Young actress Ariel Winter, 18, experienced body shaming before and after her breast reduction surgery, showing that body shaming is just a way to target women’s self-esteem. Winter explained that she’s not ashamed of her breast reduction surgery, and encourages other women to love themselves for who they are, but if cosmetic surgery is necessary, do what feels right!

Plastic Surgery is a Personal Choice

If you ever are considering plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction, make sure you do it for you and only you. Undergoing a cosmetic procedure for the right reasons can have a significantly positive impact on your life. However, if you choose to undergo a procedure because you feel pressured, you may face disappointment and no improvement in your self-esteem. Plastic surgery is an entirely personal choice, and you should not be influenced by anyone but yourself when making the decision.