Fat transfers, also known as fat grafting in Brandon, FL, involves removing fat from one area and meticulously transferring it to another area of the body. This surgical method is increasing in popularity due to its natural “ingredient” and remarkable results to enhance any procedure!

Thanks to modern plastic surgery and fat harvesting methods, transferring fat has become something to celebrate among plastic surgeons and patients across the nation. In most cases, a gentle form of liposuction of the abdomen or thighs obtains the necessary fat for these procedures. When it comes to breast enhancement in Riverview, FL, fat transfers improve the shape of the breasts without the need of implants, which is especially beneficial for breast reconstruction patients.

Three Options of Breast Enhancement

Fat grafting to the breasts is beneficial because it helps smooth the contour of your breasts after a mastectomy, and it also adds a little extra volume for implant or lift patients for more natural results. Depending on your specific aesthetic concerns, Dr. Shienbaum recommends fat grafting for breast augmentation with or without implants or for reconstruction:

Breast Augmentation If you are looking for a slight increase in size, you may not require implants or incisions for augmentation any longer! Ideal candidates for autologous fat transfer, or natural breast augmentation, include women who are mostly happy with the shape of their breasts and have quality skin elasticity. In general terms, if you are looking to increase one cup size, this may the best option for you!

Breast Implants and Fat Transfer – Dr. Shienbaum may suggest fat transfer in addition to placing breast implants to further advance the results of their breast augmentation. Fat grafting helps smooth out the contour around the implants, resulting in a more natural breast appearance. Especially for thin patients, fat transfer can help soften the appearance of implant rippling or provide a more proportional figure.

Breast Reconstruction – Fat grafting for breast reconstruction is one of the most popular methods used today. Fat is very helpful in refining the aftermath of a mastectomy, either in a single procedure or after breast expanders are removed and the implant is placed.

As with any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, you always want to seek a board-certified plastic surgeon that has extensive experience in fat transfer and breast enhancement. Not all surgeons have the capability or aesthetic techniques to successfully perform this sculpting procedure.

In conclusion, fat transfer can significantly improve breast symmetry, the appearance of breast implants, and a woman’s self-esteem after a mastectomy. It also achieves what all plastic surgeons and patients desire most: a natural-looking breast contour!


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