Brazilian Butt Lift is also known as buttock augmentation and it is a procedure in which the buttock profile of a person is improved or lifted. The gluteal area is reshaped and usually enhanced with the help of a surgical procedure.

The most common methods used for reshaping and enlarging the buttocks involve usage of buttock implants and fat grafting which is popularly known as Brazilian Butt Lift. In fat grafting, the surgeons use your own fatty tissues and reinforce your buttock profile with their help. This procedure is ideal for people who are looking to add volume or mass to their derriere. After this procedure, the overall figure of a person improves along with their confidence. It must not be discounted that the dressing profile of a person also improves manifold when his buttocks are in proportion with the body.

Just like the procedures on breasts, plastic surgeons have devised many different ways in which the augmentation of buttocks is performed which gives you the desired projection and shape.

People conventionally associate buttocks procedures with women but they cannot be more wrong about this. These procedures are equally popular with men who want to stay up to date with fashion and are particular about their appearance. It must also be kept in mind that getting a properly shaped butt with workout and gym is a very laborious task and the result might not be up to your standards. The long hours in the gym can be saved with the help of this simple surgery in which you can have your butt transformed into a form that people would see and envy.

Since this is a surgical procedure, patients usually need at least six weeks before they can resume their normal life. Surgeons usually advise their patients to refrain from sitting on their buttocks or laying down flat till the time they have fully recovered from the aftermaths of surgery. During the six week time, patients are allowed to lay on their belly, stand normally and walk easily.

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