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For decades, breast augmentation or enlargement of the breasts with the help of breast augmentation in Brandon, has been the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. However, there are various surgeries that can help improve the appearance of your breasts, including another popular procedure, the breast lift. Although this blog may be helpful in determining which procedure is best for you, a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon near Tampa, Florida is required to determine which one will help you best achieve your aesthetic goals.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

One simple question: do you desire larger, fuller breasts? If you answered yes, then your most likely a candidate a breast augmentation with implants. There are many factors when planning a breast augmentation procedure, including incision and implant placement, implant size and shape, and the type of implant, which will all complement each other to achieve your body goals!

-Implant & Incision Placement

The most common breast augmentation incision is the inframammary, which follows the curved fold under the breast. Other options include the trans-axillary that goes through the armpit or the periareolar that circles the areola. The latter two come with some restrictions for certain implant types, and the inframammary is most common due to the hidden procedure scar and most efficient technique.

-Implant Shape & Size

The size and shape of your breast implant almost comes with endless possibilities. There are several factors to consider before your breast augmentation in Lakeland before choosing the best implant for your desired results. Some factors include your natural anatomy, chest wall, lifestyle, and more. In general, plastic surgeons want you to feel confident in your body, but also don’t want to you to be overwhelmed with your results.

Types of Breast Implants

Read about the most common types of breast implants in one of our most recent blog posts here.

Breast Lift

For women who don’t necessarily want larger breasts, but would like to return to their youthful, perkier position, a breast lift may be for them. A breast lift corrects sagging breasts that have lost volume generally from weight fluctuation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or genetics.

Which one to choose? Breast Augmentation, Lift, or Both?

As always, it’s important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation to discuss your options. At Brandon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shienbaum specializes in breast augmentation and breast enhancement procedures so he can help women feel and look their best, and feel even better about their aesthetic investment.


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