Fat transfers, also known as fat grafting, has grown in demand among patients looking for natural enhancement, especially in their breasts and buttocks, while simultaneously contouring your body into its ideal shape. Although this seems like a far-fetched concept, this new technique is a demonstrable fact.

However, when it comes to fat transfers to the breast, there has been a significant controversy, questioning both the technique and the potential drawbacks of the procedure. Some were concerned that this procedure may cause microcalcifications in the breasts, leading to unnecessary biopsies. Now that these concerns and myths have been displaced, natural breast augmentation with fat transfer is now widely accepted among board certified plastic surgeons and patients in Brandon, FL.

The Science of Fat Transfers

Plastic surgeons across the nation have realized the innovative power inside the purified fat: stem cells. Stem cells show promising regenerative characteristics. While studies and results show that this is true, the science is still being determined before correct use can be employed.

While this is an exciting advancement, the purpose of fat transfer Is to add volume and shape the breasts with a smooth contour without any external medical devices. Itโ€™s using your own fat! So, your tissue will live with and as the rest of your current tissues do.

Other Fat Transfer Opportunities

Even more importantly, fat transfers can be used for other rejuvenation practices other than breast augmentation. Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy has actually used fat grafting as a solution, providing superior results to areas affected by breast cancer. Other options include fat transfer to restore the volume of facial features, such as lips, cheeks, and sunken eyes.

While the science behind enhancing this procedure with stem cells is still in process, fat transfer is an amazing procedure to replace lost volume and achieve great results!