What if all of your selfies appeared to be an improved version of yourself? Well, people in China are experiencing that themselves by spending $1,000 on a new camera, which skips the plastic surgery and goes straight to the results. This camera can enlarge your eyes, slim your face, remove wrinkles, and lighten your skin, without any editing needed!

The Casio camera was specifically made for taking selfies for social media, which slightly distorts the users’ features to create “more beautiful” images. The camera’s name is Exilim TR, but in China, it is known as “zipai shenqi,” which translates to “Godly tool for selfies.”

Unfortunately, the Exilim TR is only available in Asia, but some retailers have made the camera available on sites, including eBay. It has become apparent, especially with this camera as an example, that “selfies” have made a true impact in the plastic surgery market.

More women in their early 20s are undergoing some enhancement for a facial feature they feel lacking, or not complementing other facial features well. Another factor includes this generation growing up and reading about celebrities that achieve that Hollywood look with the help of Botox or fillers. If a woman desires smoother skin or fuller lips, she no longer has to wish or wait; she can see results within 30 minutes.

With cosmetic enhancements, young women should seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon and one that has extensive experience in altering facial features. If you want a selfie-ready appearance all the time, why wait? Discuss dermal fillers, Botox, and more with your plastic surgeon today!