There are various methods plastic surgeons use to contour and enhance the derriere, but what is the best augmentation technique? Well that’s up for debate for each individual.

Often, Dr. Shienbaum utilizes the Brazilian butt lift in Brandon, FL, which uses natural fat to add volume and reshape the booty. However, some patients still turn to silicone implants for augmentation. At April’s annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, the poll results seemed to vary among plastic surgeons.

In the end, fat is becoming an extremely popular technique, but implants have not yet disappeared in plastic surgery. Being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Shienbaum offers both methods to accommodate specific patient desires and cosmetic goals.

However, he may recommend fat transfer over implants for various reasons, including more natural, pleasing results, no associated risks of implants like malposition or infection, and inadequate soft tissue. That does not mean that implants are helpful though. Buttock implants may be ideal for an existing “good butt.”

Often, Dr. Shienbaum will also include fat grafting after inserting the buttock implants as well, to achieve a more natural look. So why use implants at all?

Implants are also ideal for very thin patients, patients with dramatic expectations, and those who have had unsuccessful fat grafting procedures in the past. Fat grafting requires enough fat material to augment the buttocks properly, and for very thin patients, this is not always achievable. Plus, for patients who want a significant alteration (a bigger, huge buttock), that is where implants come in. However, the larger the implants, the greater the risks of complications, which is generally not work the bigger butt.

If you want to learn more about buttock augmentation, including buttock implants or the Brazilian butt lift, contact our practice today!