There are many types of liposuction used today, and one of the most popular is VASER liposuction. VASER is a liposuction technique that uses ultrasound energy to heat fat cells and remove them. It is most commonly used to sculpt, etch, and define the bodies of individuals who are fit and athletic, but cannot reach their ultimate fitness goals alone. It can treat large amounts of fat in one sitting, and multiple body areas can be treated during the same session, making it a very popular choice.

Read on to learn more about VASER liposuction and how it works to give you the sculpted results you desire.

How it Works

During the VASER lipo procedure, a fluid that contains microscopic gas bubbles is infiltrated throughout the fatty tissue, surrounding the fat cells. When the air bubbles are exposed to ultrasound energy, they expand and collapse, prying the fat cells apart and dislodging them from the fatty tissue matrix.

Since the air bubbles cannot infiltrate between the cells of more dense tissues like blood cells, collagen fibers, and nerves, these tissues remain unaffected by the ultrasound energy. Once fat cells are dislodged, they are mixed with a tumescent fluid, which further breaks down the fat into small groups, which are then suctioned out.

Patients can then see the sculpted and etched results that they desire.

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