Women choose Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery in Tampa Bay, FL, for cosmetic results. Patients elect surgery for contouring, volume and more commonly altitude; altitude, as opposed to amplitude, refers to height rather than volume. Rather than just bra size, patients elect breast enhancement  surgery in Tampa with other motivations. The reasons cosmetic patients elect altitude lifts may include the following:


As women age, gravity affects the body. Skin and tissue sag; patients notice less desirable shape and contour. Some women elect breast lift surgery to accommodate these changes. A breast lift procedure, performed in Riverview, can offer less sagging.


Some women’s bodies are naturally inclined for certain shapes. Heredity, or genetics, can determine appearance. To alter their genetic dispositions, women choose altitude related alterations. It is also important  women consider their body shape before a Lakeland area breast lift procedure; they can make informed decisions if a lift is right for them.

Muscle Weakening

Lakeland, Florida plastic surgeons may notice weakening of upper chest muscles. Without exercise, these muscles weaken and can affect body appearance. Mastopexy surgery offers cosmetic patients altitude after muscle weakening. It is important to remember additional exercising or steps may be needed to maintain cosmetic results.

Surgery can address these concerns; women may choose surgery for a variety of reasons. Riverview cosmetic patients can learn more about incisions, recovery and procedures involved with the idea of altitude. Interested patients can call their plastic surgeon for additional information. Patients can visit Brandon Plastic Surgery for breast lift information or call (813) 681-5709 for surgical consultations and procedure information.