If you live in Largo, Florida and are interested in plastic surgery, you have plenty of practices and surgeons to choose from in your local Tampa Bay area. Many patients choose to travel to Brandon Plastic Surgery to receive their procedures from Dr. Shienbaum. Just a short distance from Largo, Brandon Plastic Surgery offers excellent results in a friendly and welcoming environment. Patients can choose from many options in breast, body, or facial plastic surgery.

Breast Surgeries Near Largo, Florida

Like plastic surgery patients across the United States, patients from Largo frequently request breast procedures. Some pursue options such as breast augmentation to achieve a look that better meets their aesthetic preferences or addresses common concerns like asymmetry. Other patients may choose implants or breast lifts to resolve sagging and drooping due to pregnancy and breastfeeding or the natural aging process. Finally, patients with excessively large breasts can face discomfort and pain, meaning that a breast reduction is their best option. In addition to traditional surgeries, Dr. Shienbaum also offers innovative minimally invasive procedures to enhance the breasts. Largo, Florida patients can turn to Dr. Shienbaum for the following options:

Body Plastic Surgery Near Largo, Florida

Whether patients are concerned with the results of weight loss and the natural aging process or have body contouring goals that can’t be met with traditional exercise, Dr. Shienbaum offers several procedure options for the body. These procedures can help Largo patients boost their confidence and find relief from common problems like skin laxity or stubborn exercise-resistant fat. They can also help patients achieve a more symmetrical look or flatter their natural features. At Brandon Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shienbaum offers body contouring options including:

Facial Plastic Surgery Near Largo, Florida

Over time, it’s normal to see signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging or drooping in the face. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t turn back the clock with effective facial plastic surgery procedures. In addition, patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of natural features like the nose can make adjustments according to their aesthetic preferences. Finally, some facial plastic surgery options may even improve health; for example, a rhinoplasty can improve breathing while a blepharoplasty may improve vision. Patients in Largo, Florida can travel just a short distance to receive safe, high-quality facial plastic surgery procedures including:

Meet Dr. Shienbaum

Dr. Shienbaum is among the most celebrated plastic surgeons in Florida. He is the recipient of numerous awards selected by both patients and peers. Dr. Shienbaum first attended Temple University before completing medical school at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, a surgical internship, an otolaryngology residency, and training in plastic surgery. He is now double-board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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