For women looking to restore their youthful breasts, but don’t need the extra volume, a breast lift in Brandon, FL, is most likely the best choice. A breast lift, or medically-termed mastopexy, lifts the breasts while removing unnecessary skin and reshaping the breast tissue to support a perkier breast position.

So, what about the results of a breast lift?

Breast Lift Results

Like most plastic surgery, your breast lift results will be noticeable immediately after your procedure. As swelling reduces, and incision scars begin to fade, your results will improve in appearance.

Many women are satisfied with their look after a mastopexy in Tampa – their confidence is back and they feel like their younger-self again! The final results will be upheld within a few months as your breast shape begins to settle in its natural anatomy. Although incision lines are permanent, there are many skin care products that can help speed up the fading of scars. Results are long-lasting, but with time, your breasts will continue to change because of gravity and aging.

To get the most of your procedure, and maintain your breast lift results, you should focus on keeping a stable weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, following your board-certified plastic surgeon’s instructions is important for the long-term success of a mastopexy.

Breast Lift & Pregnancy

Similar to any other breast surgery, surgeons often suggest waiting until after you are finished having children to choose a breast enhancement. Since pregnancy causes significant changes in the breasts tissue, it may reverse the results a breast lift. And with a lot of weight gain or loss after breast surgery, you cannot control the changes that these lifestyle milestones can do to your body.

As with any plastic surgery procedure, you should seek a board-certified plastic surgeon near Lakeland, to ensure your receiving superior patient safety and achieving your desired results.

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