If you’re like most women who have given birth, you understand how it can be the best event of your life, but also take a huge toll on your body. Whether physical changes occur due to breastfeeding or a stretched-out midsection, many moms struggle with returning to their pre-pregnancy figure. It may not matter what diet and exercise routine you are dedicated to, your troubling areas may never be corrected through traditional methods. That is when women seek a mommy makeover as a solution.

A mommy makeover simply addresses any damage done to the body after pregnancy and childbirth. In most cases, women elect to have their breasts restored, tummies tightened and slimmed, and excess fat resistant to diet and exercise removed. Here are some important things to know before undergoing a mommy makeover procedure in Brandon, FL.

Make Sure to Have Reasonable Expectations

Although this applies to every surgical procedure, it’s always important to have realistic expectations. During your initial consultation, Dr. Shienbaum will inform you of what he can do and what he can’t do to restore your figure. In most cases, it’s difficult to completely replicate your pre-pregnancy body, but Dr. Shienbaum will still provide a new shape that is firmer and fitter than before. The idea is to not only restore your body contours, but to significantly increase your self-confidence as well.

Get Close to Your Body Weight & Goals

Before choosing to undergo a procedure, you should attempt to be close or at your ideal body weight. This “need to know” is important for numerous reason. If you are closer to your ideal body goals, your operation will be a lot smoother than if your weight was higher. For example, you may not require liposuction on your abdomen if you worked hard to shed a few pounds before your mommy makeover.

Recovery May Take Awhile

Be aware that you will need downtime after your mommy makeover, especially when it involves several areas of the body. Most individuals underestimate the amount of time it takes to fully recover from a cosmetic procedure. You should prepare to take time off of work and have some extra help at home for a few days after the procedure. A helping hand can go a long way in aiding you through recovery.

The mommy makeover procedure has continued to gain popularity for a positive reason. It provides an opportunity to women to restore and reclaim themselves and get back to liking the way they look. To learn more, contact us today!