Typically, when it comes to teenagers, plastic surgery in Brandon, FL, is generally a no-no for the public and some plastic surgeons. However, there are some board-certified plastic surgeons that, under specific circumstances, will provide responsible care for young adults that may find cosmetic enhancement necessary.

Their Reasoning Speaks Volumes

Simply put: if it’s for someone else except the patient, the plastic surgeon should politely decline. For example, if a young lady comes in for a breast augmentation solely to attract more popularity, ethically, this isn’t a proper reason to undergo an elective procedure. The line between what is right and wrong for teenage plastic surgery is undefined, but it’s up to a board-certified plastic surgeon near Lakeland, FL, to decide what the right thing to do is.

Surgery Can Help Self-Esteem

If a teenager has gone through years of embarrassment or discomfort because of a specific aesthetic trait or genetically-gifted characteristic, plastic surgery may be an option to avoid more ridicule or physical pain. The most common procedures performed to improve teenagers’ self-esteem include:

  • Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) – corrects the size and shape of bigger, misshapen ears
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery / Nose Job) – corrects either functional issues, such as a deviated septum, or poorly proportioned nose to the rest of their facial traits.
  • Gynecomastia Reduction Surgery – For young men, excessive breast tissue can be very bothersome and make them self-conscious about their appearance, especially during their years of puberty. However, this surgery is recommended after the young man is finished growing.

While both procedures are cosmetic surgeries, the ears and nose are definers of one’s appearance. The goal of these procedures is not to change the teenager’s look, it complements the rest of their features.

All-in-all, it’s very short-sighted to say teenagers should never receive plastic surgery, and it’s up to the discretion of your board-certified plastic surgeon and your personal reasoning to tell if you’re ready for this ultimately life-changing procedure.

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