Although most patients don’t like hearing the word “revision,” it may be a reality since no breast augmentation actually lasts a lifetime. Over the years, your body may change, which will cause you to rethink the cosmetic option you chose in your 20s when you’re in your 50s.

So, don’t fret, breast revision surgeries are common, more frequently around 10 to 15 years after your initial breast augmentation in Tampa, FL.

Reasons to Receive Breast Revision Procedures

Most women will have a revision surgery sometime in their lifetime. It’s important to state that the majority of breast revisions are solely for cosmetic purposes, not medical. Typically, a patient is no longer with the appearance of her breasts, in comparison to someone who is experiencing a medical complication, including capsular contracture.

Some primary reasons to receive breast revision surgery include the reduction and position of breast tissue, the breast implants moved out of their position, a worn-out breast implant, or you just want a fresh look! Whatever the reason, your board-certified plastic surgeon in Brandon can help achieve your aesthetic goals.

Surgical Differences of Breast Revision

A common case of breast revision is going from a very large breast implant to a more natural-looking, smaller breast implant in Lakeland. This may cause some complication, since you will most likely be left with stretched, excess skin. In most cases, this requires a breast lift procedure to correct, where the excess skin is removed and the breast is moved into a perkier position.

Patient Satisfaction

Some breast revision patients simply want to remove their implants. Although it is possible to do a breast revision to only one breast, if it’s been a decade or more since your breast augmentation near Riverview, it makes more sense to put fresh implants in or receive a breast lift for longer-lasting results.

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