As the years go by, and women experience life-changing events including pregnancy, they may also notice body changes, such as sagging breasts. It’s well-known that a breast lift in Brandon, Florida, can help women lift their breasts into a more youthful, perky position. A more popular question would be, “Would I benefit from a breast lift with breast implants at the same time?”

Most women who desire a breast lift, also would like to improve their volume, which can only be achieved through fat grafting to the breasts or breast implants.

Causes of Sagging Breasts

Typically, all women experience the main causes of sagging breasts overtime: reduced volume, gravity, and aging, lax skin. One of the first signs of aging is declining skin quality, tightness and firmness that keep your breasts lifted. Since the skin is no longer to defy the natural effects of gravity, the breasts steadily move downwards. Specifically, larger breasts find this earlier on, where over time, they hang heavy and low.

Additionally, weight fluctuations and pregnancy significant increase the changes your breasts may experience. For example, pregnancy causes the glandular tissue to swell, which leads to the skin stretching. When the breast returns to normal after pregnancy, the skin may not retract back to its original position.

What to Know About a Breast Lift

A mastopexy in Lakeland, more commonly known as a breast lift, involves removing excess tissue and skin of the breasts, and lifting them to a higher, firmer position. There are three common types of breast lift incisions, including the cirumareolar (Donut Incision), wise pattern (Anchor Incision), or cirumvertical (Lollipop Incision for the most dramatic results).

Breast lift incisions are chosen based on your current sagging trait, the amount of excess skin, and whether you are including a breast implant with your surgery. If you are adding a breast implant at the same time as the breast lift, most board-certified plastic surgeons near Tampa, FL, feel it will significantly enhance their results. While lifting and reshaping the breast, they are able to create a rounder, fuller shape without two separate surgeries.

One last benefit of choosing to combine an augmentation with a breast lift includes avoiding removing more skin. Since the breast implant replaces the lost volume, the excess skin will be accommodated with the new shape. Additionally, when less skin is removed, your incision may be shorter and heal faster.

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