When it comes to plastic surgery, rumors have a way of floating around and confusing patients before their consultation even happens. And when it comes to breast reconstruction, women may feel uneasy about the
entire situation from the beginning, without false information coming into play. At Brandon Plastic Surgery in Brandon, Florida, we went ahead and debunked the most common myths about breast reconstruction surgery so that you can feel confident in your empowering choice.


Breast reconstruction cannot be performed until after the mastectomy is complete.

Breast reconstruction is typically performed in combination with a mastectomy, which usually leads to the best cosmetic outcomes. Common candidates for this combination procedure include women with stage 1 or stage 2 breast cancer. Immediate breast reconstruction has many benefits, such as saving breast skin and decreasing scarring from surgery. Additionally, the patient can avoid the experience of having a flat chest, which in return may maintain or increase their self-confidence.


You cannot undergo breast reconstruction if you have had radiation.

Breast reconstruction in Lakeland, Florida, is always an option, whether a woman underwent radiation or not. If you have had radiation to eliminate your breast cancer, Dr. Shienbaum generally recommends flap-based breast reconstruction, instead of implant reconstruction, since this is a safer and preferred method. Breast reconstruction is also delayed after radiation and the mastectomy are complete. However, different from radiation, chemotherapy plans generally do not delay reconstruction surgery.


Breast implants are your only option.

When women think of breast reconstruction, they usually think of breast implants first. There are many techniques of reconstruction available today. Microsurgical breast reconstruction using perforator flaps, (GAP flap, DIEP flap, etc.) generally occurs after mastectomy. Flap reconstruction surgeries in Tampa, Florida, utilize your own natural tissue from other areas of the body, including the tummy, thigh, or buttock, to recreate a natural, soft breast-like appearance. Flaps also donโ€™t come with the associated long-term risks of breast implants, like ruptures or capsular contracture.