A rhinoplasty is a gold standard for reshaping the nose to create symmetry in the face. Many patients in the Brandon area, both men and women, can benefit from this procedure, as it can reshape the nose to be more proportionate with the rest of the face for a boost in confidence. If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, it is important to be aware of how the procedure is done, and what to expect during recovery. Many prospective patients are not aware that a rhinoplasty can be performed using either the open or closed technique. Read on to learn more about these surgical options.

The Open Rhinoplasty

During an open rhinoplasty in Tampa, an incision is created across the columella, or the area of skin the divides the nostrils. Internal structures of the nose will then be reshaped and altered to achieve the desired look. While this technique does result in a scar, it heals very well and is often virtually invisible following full healing.

The Closed Rhinoplasty

During a closed rhinoplasty in Riverview, all incisions are created inside of the nostrils, so there is no visible scarring on the outside of the nose. Structures are reshaped internally for the desired surgical outcomes.

The rhinoplasty technique used during your surgery will depend on your individual anatomy, your desired outcomes, and the surgeon’s recommendation. Both the open and closed rhinoplasty techniques are safe and effective options for altering the nose.


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