Every year, people in the Riverview, Florida area undergo plastic surgery for a multitude of reasons. Some procedures correct medical conditions or abnormalities, while others are solely elected to improve their appearance. Whatever factor pushes people to plastic surgery, the primary goal is to look and feel better.

However, a new study found that plastic surgery not only helps you look aesthetically pleasing, it also affects how others perceive your personality.

The Personality Study

Earlier this year, researchers conducted a study to examine the psychological effects of plastic surgery. In the study, before and after pictures of 30 women who recently had facial cosmetic surgery were utilized, whether it was a facelift, neck lift, or chin augmentation.

Participants were asked to analyze the before and after pictures, and judge them based on personality traits, including likeability, aggression, social skills, trustworthiness, extroversion, and whether or not she was a risk taker.

Researchers found that the facial improvements significantly impacted how their personalities were perceived. In general, participants found the women to be more likeable and have better social skills in their after photos. So why does plastic surgery help determine personality characteristics?

The Science of Perception

This study is a primary example of our natural human occurrence called “facial profiling.” Facial profiling is a mental shortcut people use determine traits about others based on their appearance. Facial profiling is somewhat of a safety technique to determine whether a person is a threat or not.

In the case of the before and after study, the after photos were perceived as more likeable because the facial surgeries smooth out the surface of the skin. And since we automatically think people with fuller cheeks and fewer wrinkles as happier and youthful, the women seem to be more likeable.

However, this perception is not always accurate. Unfortunately, there is no way of avoiding facial profiling based on our natural brain capabilities. This means a person’s appearance will always be an important factor of how they are perceived.

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