The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conducted a preliminary survey that showed a 20 percent increase of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures in 2015. The data revealed there were 1.9 million surgical procedures, which is a 7 percent increase, and 10.9 million non-surgical procedures, a 22 percent increase from 2014. The combination total of 12.8 million made up the 20 percent increase from 2014.

This survey has relayed a clear picture of a positive cosmetic or aesthetic market, with significant growth on both non-surgical and surgical procedures. As technology and surgical techniques advance, patients have a wide-range of options to choose from, and surgeons can custom-tailor these procedures more adequately than before.

Other trends that were reported was a large increase in fat grafting procedures. Fat grafting can be utilized to enhance the buttocks, hollowed facial features, and breasts, for a more natural, longer-lasting results. Using your own fat for fillers has become an excellent alternative to injectable fillers. However, injections, such as botulinum toxins and hyaluronic acids still saw a 21 percent increase this year.

Finally, buttock augmentation was the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in 2015, with on average a procedure performed every 30 minutes of every day. Other procedures seeing significant increases include skin tightening, tattoo removal, hair removal, and liposuction techniques.